The Traditional Outfit – Wedding Wednesday

I fall more Americanized when on a scale of being Americanized vs being completely traditional, but I love telling other people about my culture (and the parts I don’t agree with). This was one of the more traditional Indian parts of my wedding.

I’ll let these pictures speak for themselves. Take a look!

I wore a custom made rose pink lehenga chosen by my in-laws. It’s a tradition that the groom’s side provides the bride’s reception outfit as a symbol of joining their family. Luckily, my mother in law picked out something gorgeous for me to wear!

It still blows my mind that all the work on it was hand done.

What wedding traditions are you a fan of?

Be fearless,


To see more formal Indian outfits: check out my Pinterest board, or visit some of my favorite shops Pernia’s Pop-up Shop, Raishma Couture. They feature a mix of both traditional and modern pieces.

Live fearlessly,

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