Q&A: Can a Saree Be Black Tie Appropriate?

A few weeks ago I got a very interesting question:

I have to attend a fundraiser which is a black tie event. Everyone wants me to wear a sari or Indian clothes in general. How appropriate would that be? Is it better to stick with a long ball gown? Are there specific colors i should be sticking to? Thank You!

Here’s my take on the question:
I think a sari (or any long skirted Indian outfit anarkali, lehenga) could totally work, but not a salwar, which comes off as a little more casual. The basic idea is to get close to a ball gown but with an Indian twist. No sheer fabric (unless you’re wearing a long blouse), but the material can be either stiff (like traditional silk) or flowy. I think flowy looks a little more elegant and is easier to drape and keep on than silk. As far as colors, blacks, navy, brown, metallics and deep jewel tones will be fine and stay away from the crazy bright patterns most saris have.

Here are some examples of what I was trying to portray:

What do you think? Would you wear any of these to a black tie event?

Live fearlessly,

What do you think?

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Q&A: Can a Saree Be Black Tie Appropriate?