Anthropologie Hand Painted Globe DIY

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I made this Anthropologie inspired hand painted constellation globe for my atelier, after seeing the one in an Anthro store and falling in love. But alas, it was $70! I’m all for splurging on pieces but I knew immediately I could recreate it. Let’s see how it turned out!

Anthropologie Hand Painted Globe DIY

Hand Painted Globes from 1 Canoe 2

It’s actually a lot easier than it looks. You’ll need:


I took the globe and mixed some matte black with navy, to give it less of a sheen. I painted 3 thin layers to make sure the original globe was covered. Once dry, I took a chip brush and with some medium blue and navy, added some dimension to the black globe.

Anthropologie Hand Painted Globe DIY

I wanted to make sure everything was dry, so I waited 4 hours. I had my cousin free hand the text with a pencil, I drew out the constellations, and I went over it with a gold paint pen. It wasn’t shiny enough for me so I took a really thin paintbrush and went over the lettering and star points with liquid gold foil. It was just what it needed.

Anthropologie Hand Painted Globe DIY

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Anthropologie Hand Painted Globe DIY