Utah + Idaho – Girls Gone Wild (West)

I took an epic 9-day road trip across the west. We started in Utah and went through Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, Colorado, and flew back out of Utah. It’s been a struggle to figure out how to break down this trip in blog post form, and even if I should post it. I decided to do it for my family that is off social media (Hi Jency!) and also so I don’t forget any moments. Here goes nothing.

Utah – Our trip started in Salt Lake City. We got in late afternoon so once we checked into our AirBNB we left off to roam around the city. IT. WAS. HOT. I loved it because I love the heat from Texas, but this little Texan was not ready for the steep walks. Most places were closed by the time we hit the town at the crazy hour of 6:30pm on a Friday night, but I attribute that to the pandemic more than the population.

The next day, we started with brunch at Sweet Lake Biscuits and Limeade. What an odd combination right? Guys, get the limeade. I got the Breakfast Pizza (good), one of the girls got the Biscuit Benedict (also, good), and I don’t remember what the 3rd girl got. We decided to split the Biscuit Pudding French Toast, which was AMAZING. We walked off our carb heavy meal at Temple Square, which is unique. The Salt Lake LDS Temple is completely closed off for renovations right now and has scaffolding on most of the exterior, but we still walked around what is essentially a really nice park. The LDS members roaming around the area were friendly and helpful. We out went across the street to City Creek Center to get some drinks (it was still hot) and stretch our legs around before hopping in the car to head to Antelope Island and out of Utah into Idaho.

Antelope Island was not what I expected. Actually I was really confused on how there could be an island in landlocked Utah, minus the water of the Great Salt Lake. It was actually a peninsula when we went because the water levels were low but with enough rain, it does in fact become an island in the lake. It’s about 60 miles northeast of Salt Lake City and you get views of the Wasatch and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges that surround the city. Bonus – you can see bison (and probably other wildlife). We didn’t hike because we were on our way to Idaho. PS: DO NOT APPROACH BISON, the picture below taken with 2x zoom on my camera from the car. More on that later. Onward to Idaho!

Idaho. I’m going to be completely honest. We didn’t end up doing much of anything here. We wanted to go to Lava Hot Springs in Pocatello, but it ended up storming so we just stayed in. We got breakfast at Rise in Diggs (I recommend the burrito with the caveat that the hot sauce does have a kick), and went off to Wyoming. Sorry you didn’t get a fair shake this trip Idaho, maybe next time.

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