Dallas, you were fun, but I’m definitely glad to be back in my own house.

Dallas, you were fun, but...

Is that a jumbo jet or are you just happy to see me? (It actually is a B747) ✈️ Safe travels to everyone hitting the road, sky, or rail! Swipe to see my new travel buddy!

Is that a jumbo jet...

🐑 🎄

🐑 🎄

Fun fact: when we lived in Chattanooga, I always wanted a dog to walk with on the bridge.

Fun fact: when we lived...

Steve Jobs aesthetics. 😂

Steve Jobs aesthetics. 😂

Back from when I thought 55° was cold. 🥶

Back from when I thought...

Happy Halloween from 2/3rds of the Justice League

Happy Halloween from 2/3rds of...

I’ll be your Bombae 😂

I’ll be your Bombae 😂

Name a more iconic duo.... I’ll wait.

Name a more iconic duo.......

Are you from Tennessee, because you’re the only ten I see. 😆 Spoiler alert: He actually is. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my butter (not a misspelling) half, my travel buddy (although Pappu and Justina are quickly catching up to you) and the most tolerable Lakers fan I know (30% of the time. GO CELTICS). You’re the only guy I know that not only sets and meets goals, but vastly exceeds every single one of them. Dang overachiever. Thanks for being a good instagram husband and gym-video guy, a great dog dad to @jarvisthegemini, and my best friend. I love you a waffle lot, @sammen89

PS: Don’t hate me for that last picture, it was too cute 🥺

Are you from Tennessee, because...

Prints and Polished Professional – What I Wore

Being young and female in a male dominated industry, it’s difficult to navigate professional fashion in the workplace. I don’t want to look so bland that it comes off as matronly; but not so young that it comes off as inexperienced. My easiest professional fashion solution is to throw in a crazy print with neutrals.

I wore a boxy cheetah print top with some slim ankle pants. The top a bit shorter in length so I would wear them with high waisted pants or in a pinch do what I did here, and wear them with a nude toned undershirt. Typically, I wouldn’t wear dangly earrings and opt for studs, but since I wasn’t at work I broke out some gunmetal drops. I wore them with my sandy beige flats (they are so versatile and comfortable for travel, which I was doing), to keep everything by my top and lipstick subtle.

Note: Our DSLR is having some technical difficulty, so until further notice all pictures will be from our iPhones, which may also result in fewer pictures 🙁

Top: Banana Republic Factory (similar) | Pants: Banana Republic Factory (similar) | Earrings: Betsey Johnson (here) | Shoes: Aldo (similar) | Sunglasses: ? (Similar)


Live fearlessly,

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Prints and Polished Professional – What I Wore