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Abalone Accessories – Friday Favorites

Most people haven’t heard of mother-of-pearl’s first cousin abalone. They both come from the inside lining of sea shells. Unlike mother of pearl’s milky base which reflects pastels, abalone has a deep brown base that shows smokey shades.


Abalone accessories are great for summer with it’s turquoise and island feel but perfect for fall with it’s emerald and deep purple hints. It goes with a variety of different styles and comes in so many different pieces! Take a look at what I’m loving:


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Denim on Denim with Flare – What I Wore

I’ve never attempted denim on denim, but I saw it on my cousin when I went home and I loved how it looked. As soon as I got these subtle flares, I knew that was a look I’d want to recreate. Pairing the medium wash chambray shirt with the deep indigo provides a refreshing contrast.

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Southwest Style – Fall Favorites

Southwest Style – Loose ponchos and blanket sweaters are so in this fall. While they aren’t always exactly flattering, they are perfect when you want a low-effort warm fall look. Pair it with fringe boots OR accessories (not both at the same time, that would be overkill), and you have and easy, effortless look.

What I Wore - Southwest Style

The weather was breezy enough for me to try this cozy new scarf-kimono hybrid. Love it!

Here are some ponchos, capes, and flowy cardigans that I love.



Decluttering Your Closet

My closet always looks like a department store floor after Black Friday. Eventually it spread out of my closet and onto my room floor. Clothes of all kinds, everywhere. I’ve never been one to clean, to the dismay of my parents, my tiny-room sharing roommate, and now, my husband (sorry guys!). I keep all other rooms clear of clutter, but my (our) room is always a mess. He’s probably wondering why I’m writing this post, I promise I’ll get to it as soon as I finish this post.

I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing. The book has a ton of simple principles, but one stood out to me:

Keep only things that speak to your heart

It’s pretty simple. Decluttering is the first step to organizations. How many clothes do we hold on to because of their sentimental reasons, the memories attached to them, or clothing that’s just outlived it’s purpose? I donated 2 giant trash bags filled with clothes once I acknowledged this (including an outfit which I wore on the first date with the Mr. but not much since). Once I got rid of the clothes that “didn’t bring me joy” I found myself dealing with a neater space, making it easier to put everything back where it belongs.

The hardest part is taking the first step and going through everything.

Get This, Not That
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Fall Essentials – Get This, Not That

If you’re the hunt for affordable fall essentials, this post is for you!!


This CK jacket (right) is a spot on match for the Burberry (left) at a fraction of the price. The mid-thigh length is more versatile than the traditional long trench.

Over-the-knee Boots
OTK boots are definitely a fall staple and fringe is having a moment, so why not combine the two?


Duster Cardigan
Long duster cardigans are channeling the 70’s vibe that will be everywhere. The fringe to adds an airy detail and keeps the sweater from looking too heavy.


Black Leather Jacket
This is one of those essentials that NEVER goes out of style and you can practically wear in any season.

Black Tote
This is such a versatile style. It’s perfect for the office or weekends.

Cognac Riding Boots
Cognac riding boots scream fall. You can wear them with most jean washes, and even skirts!


Everything Emerald – Friday Favorites

Navy is one of my favorite colors, but I’ve always had a soft spot for emerald. This fall I’m seeing it EVERYWHERE! It comes in different depths; from a deep hunter green to a bright pine green, there are so many variations that are super flattering. Below are some easy ways to work the color into your fall wardrobe: jumpsuits, nail polish, jewelry, oh my!



Anthropologie Hand Painted Globe DIY

Hello all!

I made this Anthropologie inspired hand painted constellation globe for my atelier, after seeing the one in an Anthro store and falling in love. But alas, it was $70! I’m all for splurging on pieces but I knew immediately I could recreate it. Let’s see how it turned out!

Anthropologie Hand Painted Globe DIY


Hand Painted Globes from 1 Canoe 2

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Fall Accessory Trends – Friday Favorites

Autumn is officially here and  pumpkin spice is everywhere. I hope temperatures drop soon because I’m dying to wear some sweaters! Along with the shifting clothing options, expect to see a shift in jewelry and other accessories. Read on to see some fall accessories that will be trendy this year: Continue Reading


J.Crew Sale! – Friday Favorites

J.Crew is one of my favorite brands, but as an unemployed grad student I (sadly) can’t always shell out the money for their pieces. They have a sale going on right now, and it applies to their reduced merchandise too. Just use code SHOPNOW, for 25% off in stores and online until 9/20!

Sales are great for getting pieces that you could be interested in, but are hesitant to wear at full price. Sales are also great times to stock up on seasonal clothes and basics (like tee shirts, jeans, flats, etc.).

Read on to see some of the pieces I’m coveting at different price points (prices shown are before the promo code is applied), including a pair of flare jeans that are under $40, a great jumpsuit under $60, and a fantastic $70 pencil skirt that may push you out of your print mixing comfort zone!

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