Are you from Tennessee, because you’re the only ten I see. 😆 Spoiler alert: He actually is. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my butter (not a misspelling) half, my travel buddy (although Pappu and Justina are quickly catching up to you) and the most tolerable Lakers fan I know (30% of the time. GO CELTICS). You’re the only guy I know that not only sets and meets goals, but vastly exceeds every single one of them. Dang overachiever. Thanks for being a good instagram husband and gym-video guy, a great dog dad to @jarvisthegemini, and my best friend. I love you a waffle lot, @sammen89

PS: Don’t hate me for that last picture, it was too cute 🥺

Are you from Tennessee, because...

I hope you have people in your life that would follow you into a cave. 🖤

I hope you have people...

Chicago. You’re pretty cool. I’ll be back. I’ll bring my best friend too. Bonus: swipe to see the prettiest city sunset I’ve ever seen.

Chicago. You’re pretty cool. I’ll...

I was super excited about this trip to Chicago, and it didn’t disappoint. 😍

I was super excited about...

On game days we wear Scarlet and Black ❤️🖤

On game days we wear...

A good trip takes things off your bucket list, a great trip does that and adds a few more things 🥰 Any guesses as to how many more Colorado pics I have my up my sleeve? 😂 [📸: @jessica_s_pappu]

A good trip takes things...

Started from the bottom 👉🏼 Now we here⛰

Started from the bottom 👉🏼...

Texas Tech and the Cowboys both won! ✭ Jarvis and I watched SO MUCH FOOTBALL this weekend. He was probably really concerned for me. Also, @sammen89 is back so I’ll stop posting selfies 😂

Texas Tech and the Cowboys...

Hieeee 💁🏻‍♀️

Hieeee 💁🏻‍♀️

Details. 🖤

Details. 🖤

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