Apparently between me, KP, and Dončić, only one of us will be showing up to the Mavs//Hawks game 😂 (swipe right) #MFFL

Apparently between me, KP, and...

Don’t let the shoes fool you, I’m still 5’1(ish)”

Don’t let the shoes fool...

The person who wrote this clearly hasn’t experienced the magic of a nap 😂

The person who wrote this...



I’ve heard I’d look good with a nose piercing but I’ll just keep adding holes to my ears 😝 hopefully I’ll find time to blog about this (and my previous) piercing experience soon!

I’ve heard I’d look good...

Dallas, you were fun, but I’m definitely glad to be back in my own house.

Dallas, you were fun, but...

Is that a jumbo jet or are you just happy to see me? (It actually is a B747) ✈️ Safe travels to everyone hitting the road, sky, or rail! Swipe to see my new travel buddy!

Is that a jumbo jet...

🐑 🎄

🐑 🎄

Fun fact: when we lived in Chattanooga, I always wanted a dog to walk with on the bridge.

Fun fact: when we lived...

Steve Jobs aesthetics. 😂

Steve Jobs aesthetics. 😂

It’s March!

At the beginning of every month, I’d like to start by stating my fashion goals and blog plans by answering 3 short questions.

What are my fashion goals for this month?
To try to wear more skirts and dresses… If the weather allows. Also, I want to post a DIY project

What is one piece I want to invest in?
I recently got my ears pierced so probably some higher end earrings 🙂

What is one way I want to make this blog better?
I plan to start consistently posting on a schedule. 


How was February for you? What are your fashion or blog goals for the month? What would you like to see from me?

Be fearless,



PS: Here’s a recap of my February outfits.


Live fearlessly,

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  • Jen @ Skirt The Rules
    March 2, 2014

    I’m so excited to wear more skirts and dresses this month! I’m so sick of wearing pants and tights. Happy March!

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

    • J. George
      March 2, 2014

      Yes! It’s a lovely 70 degrees here today, but it’s dropping to a high of 50 and rain tomorrow. It’s like the weather is teasing me.

  • farfetchedstl
    March 3, 2014

    This is such a useful way of keeping personal blog goals. I am wishing you luck in meeting your March goals. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate so you can wear more skirts and dresses. I like the clean design of your blog layout and the clarity of the photos. It is apparent you put a lot of work into it. I am so glad I found your blog. Hope you have a great week.


    • J. George
      March 3, 2014

      Thank you!! You have no idea how much it means to me. 🙂

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It’s March!