Game Day Fashion – Tips and Tricks

College football season is back! It officially started yesterday, but most games are on Saturday. Nothing beats a game day experience, that means tailgating, friends, food, and fashion. In the South we love to have reasons to get dressed up and football is no exception. Here are a few of my favorite game day fashion tips, no matter which team you’re rooting for.

1. Don’t be afraid to go bold.
Sometimes it’s nice to not wear a literal interpretation of your school colors, so throw some patterns in the mix. Sometimes it takes digging to find something unique (I can find 98342 examples of red and black in a plaid print, while fashionable, sometimes it gets tiring to see a majority of people wearing the same variation of a print). For example, leopard prints go with most palettes (but not all, I’m warning you). Here are more patterned pieces to draw inspiration from:

2. Find complimentary colors.
It’s always a good idea to find at least one color that goes with your team’s color palette. If black, white, silver, or gold aren’t already part of your teams colors those are good starting points. Chambray/denim works with most schemes too. Burnt orange and white look great set off with turquoise jewelry. Red and black look classic with creams and tans. Have fun! Play around and see what works.

3. Little *INSERT COLOR* dresses are your BFF.
Sometimes it’s easiest to throw on a dress and sandals. It’s always a good idea to have a dress on hand.If you have a bright or unusual scheme that’s hard to get a good pattern in (to me, this is anything with yellows), this tip is perfect! Versatile and comfortable in the still warm autumn sun and day games, throw on some coordinating accessories and your good to go! Here are some colorful examples (I tried to get a good sampling of the most common school colors):

4. Accessories are your second BFF.
Scarves, statement jewelry, belts, and hats, they are all great for adding extra punch to your outfits. My number one tip for picking out jewelry is to avoid statement pieces with huge solid colored plastic “jewels”, they read as cheap. An exception applies to pieces that look like natural stones ie: Kendra Scott and druzy looking stones. They look cheap. Here are a plethora of examples to help you out. This is a HUGE collection, you’re sure to find something that strikes your fancy:

If you need help finding something specifically for you and your team, I’d be glad to help!
What teams are you cheering on this season?
I will leave you with this picture of my game day outfit my senior year against Oklahoma State:
Game Day FashionGuns Up!

Live fearlessly,

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