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I have a love-hate relationship with traveling. I love the new experiences and cultures, but I hate how it messes up my routine (and eating habits). As my travel season winds down (and I write this from a hotel room with 2 more trips coming within the next 3 weeks), I’d love to share some travel tips I’ve learned on my trips (all 5528 miles I logged just on the road since June 6th).

1. Moisturizers are your bff.

Always. Always Always have moisturizers on hand. Face mists. Lotions. Sleeping masks. Traveling typically messes up the moisture balance of your skin. Usually I use a rosewater face mist throughout my travel and a Korean sleeping pack at night/early morning to add extra moisture back into my skin. Avoid wearing heavy makeup and stick to BB creams or tinted moisturizers. Make your travel time work for you.

2. Dress comfortable chic.

Sitting for hours on end isn’t the best for your body and blood circulation. But it’s completely possible to dress comfortable with out looking like you just rolled out of bed (even if you did). It’s best to wear clothes that don’t restrict movement too much (so kibosh the super strappy heels and bandage dress). A good idea would be a pair of looser skinny jeans, yoga pants, or leggings, a chiffon blouse or even a plain t-shirt, and ballet flats or sandals. It will also help reduce the unsightly clothing marks that are left on your  body.

3. Take time to reset and refresh.

When you get off the plane, train, or automobile that you’ve been sitting in for what seems like an eternity, you probably feel like a dry, crusty prune. I love going to a drugstore, picking out the individual use face masks, hair masks, and body scrubs, going back to my hotel room and slathering my hair and face with goodies, and scrubbing my skin to feel like a new person. Have a time crunch? Take a shower, wash your face, moisturize your face and body, brush your teeth, and use whatever dry shampoo you like (if your hair gets oily). You’ll feel minty fresh either way.

4. Pack versatile pieces.

I love layers. Chiffon tops, thin moto jackets and sweaters. It’s easy to add or remove layers allowing you to adjust for the weather where ever you are. Pack a jeans, leggings, flats or sandals (my travel go to footwear), t-shirt dress, and a few multi-purpose tops (think tunic-like). Also pack a body-con or “going out” dress if you plan on exploring night life in your chosen locale.

5. Always bring accessories.

Accessories are the easiest way to change up and refresh your limited outfit collection. Pack a few of your favorite pieces (I can not wear scarves for the life of me, so no packing those), and mix and match! Accessories generally take up less space than packing another outfit, so that’s a definite perk.

6. Make your travel time work for you.

How much uninterrupted do you get during the week? Take that 2 hour flight to slather on some deeply hydrating foot cream, sleeping pack, lightweight hair repair serum, teeth whitening strips or anything your heart desires. Just don’t paint your nails. You will reek of chemicals and you will share headaches all around with your travel buddies. Not cool.

7. Know the destination.

This isn’t beauty or fashion related, but it’s still critical. If you’ll be driving around, see if there are any tolls that you’ll have to pay for (I usually have trouble with remembering this one). Know the basic route to your hotel or where ever you’re staying in case you lose GPS service. If you’re a foodie, see what acclaimed eateries are in the area. If you like being outdoors, check out national parks or hiking trails. Know areas to avoid for safety reasons, but don’t be scared to explore because it’s a new city. I recently trekked to Detroit with Left Brain (who was questioning my decision to venture out there in the first place), to explore the Detroit Institute of Art (and he’s not a big art museum – or any kind of museum – fan either, so he was a little grumble-y). After we toured it for a few hours, even he agreed it was worth the drive out there.


Self-explanatory (I hope). Explore! Experience! Have adventures and use the time to immerse yourself in the culture, food, and atmosphere of the destination. Each location has it’s own charm and character.

The journey might be tedious but the destination is worth it!

What are your favorite travel tips, pieces, or products? I can’t live without my basic Olay Sunscreen.

Be fearless,

J. George

Live fearlessly,

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  • christinajavete
    July 21, 2014

    Great tips!! I agree with the hydrating and the loose, but stylish clothes =) Thanks!!

    • J. George
      July 21, 2014

      Thanks for your kind words! What is your favorite moisturizer to travel with?

  • The Fashion Huntress
    July 28, 2014

    Love the tips!! And love your blog!!

    • J. George
      July 28, 2014

      Thanks!! 🙂 I love yours!! :))

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