Steve Jobs aesthetics. 😂

Steve Jobs aesthetics. 😂

Back from when I thought 55° was cold. 🥶

Back from when I thought...

Happy Halloween from 2/3rds of the Justice League

Happy Halloween from 2/3rds of...

I’ll be your Bombae 😂

I’ll be your Bombae 😂

Name a more iconic duo.... I’ll wait.

Name a more iconic duo.......

Are you from Tennessee, because you’re the only ten I see. 😆 Spoiler alert: He actually is. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my butter (not a misspelling) half, my travel buddy (although Pappu and Justina are quickly catching up to you) and the most tolerable Lakers fan I know (30% of the time. GO CELTICS). You’re the only guy I know that not only sets and meets goals, but vastly exceeds every single one of them. Dang overachiever. Thanks for being a good instagram husband and gym-video guy, a great dog dad to @jarvisthegemini, and my best friend. I love you a waffle lot, @sammen89

PS: Don’t hate me for that last picture, it was too cute 🥺

Are you from Tennessee, because...

I hope you have people in your life that would follow you into a cave. 🖤

I hope you have people...

Chicago. You’re pretty cool. I’ll be back. I’ll bring my best friend too. Bonus: swipe to see the prettiest city sunset I’ve ever seen.

Chicago. You’re pretty cool. I’ll...

I was super excited about this trip to Chicago, and it didn’t disappoint. 😍

I was super excited about...

On game days we wear Scarlet and Black ❤️🖤

On game days we wear...

Fall Nail Polish – Friday Favorites

We are a month and a half away from the Autumn Equinox, which means fall is quickly approaching. Maybe it’s the cloudy, cool weather we’ve been having but I’m so ready for it to be here! I love that clothes and makeup takes a darker, moodier turn. Read on to see my fall nail polish recommendations for 2015!

Dusty Nudes and Ivory – If you like subtle colors or you’re just tired of the bright colors of summer, dusty nudes and ivories are the perfect palate cleanser. Clean like a good sorbet, a good neutral can refresh your nails and give them a break when you’re just tired of trying to figure out what to do with your nails. These shades always read pretty and feminine and provide a nice contrast with fall’s leather pieces and dark lipsticks. My favorite is Victoria Beckham x Nails Inc in Bamboo White ($25); It’s pricey, but I never fail to get compliments while wearing this ivory polish. It has the tiniest hint of pink that keeps your nails from looking too drab. An affordable second is Essie’s Tuck It In My Tux ($8.49). It needs a white base coat for it to read it’s true color, and it’s not as warm as Bamboo White, but it’s still exceptional.

Black and Charcoal – Black is always chic. It goes perfectly with the darker shades coming up. It’s a perfect neutral that goes with anything. You HAVE to have confidence to wear black nails though; this is definitely a shade with attitude. Sinful Colors takes my heart again with Black on Black ($1.99) for it’s rich true black. Essie’s For The Twill Of It ($8.49) is a great grey-tone metallic with purple and green duo-chrome. Imagine the color and effect of a drop of oil on water. Stunning!

Cobalt – If you’re not ready to give up on summer brights, cobalt is a good step. It’s bright pop acts as a color blocking element to fall’s prints and color palettes. Sinful Colors Endless Blue ($1.99) is an affordable AND fantastic option.

Oxblood – It’s everywhere and universally flattering. You can get as daring as almost black, or you can choose something that reads maroon. Either way this color absolutely signals fall! Sally Hansen’s Pat on the Black ($6.59) is one of my go-to’s.

Bonus: When I want to wear my nails “naked”, I turn to Nails Inc NailKale Illuminator ($14). It sheer but has tiny blue pearl reflects that help cover minor nail yellowing, and vitamins to strengthen your nails. It’s easy to apply, dries fast, and you only need one coat!


Live fearlessly,

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