I was long overdue for an adventure with @jessica_s_pappu, but going on @jarvisthegemini’s first hike made up for the fact that we were supposed to be in Colorado this weekend. 😍

I was long overdue for...

The real winner of quarantine... @jarvisthegemini. He’s been getting all the love and affection from us, I think he’s over it. 
It’s great having a dog right now. He keeps me company while @sammen89 has to work from home, instead of my extroverted self getting lonely. How are you guys doing?

The real winner of quarantine......

#TBT. Any other extroverts going stir-crazy?

#TBT. Any other extroverts going...

Back from when I was allowed to go outside. This was last month actually. I was hiking a lot as I prepare to (hopefully) make it up a 14er in CO with my outdoorsy other-Jessica @jessica_s_pappu. I was doing well for about 75% of this hike but that last stretch back took a lot out of me. 
Fun fact, for being from Texas I actually DON’T hate the cold. Cold + wind is a different story though.

Back from when I was...

I work in one of the industries heavily affected by the virus. For the first time in at least a year I had a job I loved going to, a company I believed in, and an industry that I’ve always wanted to work in. I loved my team and I felt like I belonged. Now, I’m furloughed, stuck at home until who knows when. I know it’s only temporary but it still sucks. This pause has forced me to do something I hate doing, to slow down. I hope you and yours are staying healthy and taking this time to focus on the important things: each other. Stay strong.

I work in one of...

Slowly working my way back to that “influencer” life. 🥴

Fun fact, I always HATED being called that. It often gets used synonymously with people that are shallow or are just self-centered, only caring about how things looked. I’ve been there. I’ve been where I planned on what to do based on “how it looks.” I’ve been depressed when my posts didn’t do as well as I thought they should. I spent money on outfits that I’d wear once, or plan outfits to wear in public based on what I’d be posting. I took it personal when I saw my follower count decrease. Eventually I’d had enough of my mental health tied to social media. I cleaned up 15000 “ghost” followers, people that followed me for giveaways or other reasons and didn’t ever actually care about my content, leaving people that I thought actually cared (and still lost about 1k). I’m definitely still learning the balance, and I often just lean towards not posting anything, instead of posting to have a post for the day or keep my content on your feeds. If you notice long gaps between my posts, that’s what’s going on. Quality//Quantity ☺️

Slowly working my way back...

Apparently between me, KP, and Dončić, only one of us will be showing up to the Mavs//Hawks game 😂 (swipe right) #MFFL

Apparently between me, KP, and...

Don’t let the shoes fool you, I’m still 5’1(ish)”

Don’t let the shoes fool...

The person who wrote this clearly hasn’t experienced the magic of a nap 😂

The person who wrote this...



Bohemian and Elegant – What I Wore

Friday night is our date night. I really wanted to take advantage of the warm weather, a summery gold and cream palette and colorful wall art. For the longest time I’ve been trying to get a outfit shoot with this polka dot wall. The pictures that came from it are my favorites.The whole outfit is pretty simple, but it packs a punch. The white and gold looks great against the bright backdrop. Read on to see more fun pictures and outfit details!

I used my gold maxi skirt with tan braided belt as my starting point, and paired it with a cream lace crop top. It’s really hard to see the lace on the front of the shirt, but the back is unlined so you can actually see it. I wanted to keep the look light and airy, so I didn’t weigh it down with too much jewelry – just a collar necklace and a pair of 360 pave studs. I feel like adding bracelets would have broken the long line of my arms. We’re still out a DSLR, but we did the best we could with our iPhones.

Top: Hollister (Similar) | Skirt: River Island (Similar) | Sandals: Target (Similar) | Earrings: Target (Similar) | Necklace: Target (Similar)

Live fearlessly,

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  • Jo Nguyen
    September 1, 2015

    Looking great! Lovely maxi skirt!


    • Jessica Mammen
      September 1, 2015

      Thanks and thank you for stopping by! 🙂

  • Swati Dixit
    September 9, 2015

    You are so cute 🙂 Really like this simple and chic look! Love how you have kept the look so minimal 🙂

    • Jessica Mammen
      September 22, 2015

      Thanks! 🙂

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