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August 2015

Face Masks Friday Favorites!
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Face Masks – Friday Favorites

There is something relaxing about slapping a face mask on, letting it dry, and refreshing feeling of washing it off. A spa is nice, but there’s something special about binging on Netflix under your favorite cozy blanket while you improve your skin. I love indulging with cheaper versions to enjoy in my own home. Here are a few that I usually have in my medicine cabinet:
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Flutter Sleeved Little Black Dress

Sleeves A-flutter – What I Wore

The last of my St. Louis 3 part mini-series! The hotel we stayed at was right next to Busch Stadium, which was a unique experience. Of course, I had to work this landmark into one of my shoots.

My last night in St. Louis I had to attend a banquet. Since I was on the road for a week and had several fancy dinners to go to (yay anniversary dinners!), I packed this adorable flutter sleeved little black dress and it fit the bill perfectly. BONUS: IT’S ONLY $30 RIGHT NOW.

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Summer Stripes and Floral Skirt

Summer Stripes and My Floral Skirt – What I Wore

Date night is always special to me. Mr. works 40+ hours a week and with both of us working on engineering-based graduate programs we don’t always get to eat dinner together. I love it when we do get a chance to go out into downtown Chattanooga. It’s so vibrant and fun, with its own local flare. I decided to wear a skirt while the weather is still warm and sunny enough to do so. Take a look! Continue Reading

Fall Boots

Fall Friendly Boots – Friday Favorites

Sometime after moving from Texas to Tennessee 2 years ago, I have amassed a collection of boots. Heeled, flat, booties, I (almost) have them all. Maybe it’s because I can actually wear the boots now; mostly due to the actual autumn weather that exists here. Either way, I’m ready to wear the perfect fall boots. Read on below to see some of my favorite styles and suggestions! Continue Reading

Fall Nail Polish - Friday Favorites
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Fall Nail Polish – Friday Favorites

We are a month and a half away from the Autumn Equinox, which means fall is quickly approaching. Maybe it’s the cloudy, cool weather we’ve been having but I’m so ready for it to be here! I love that clothes and makeup takes a darker, moodier turn. Read on to see my fall nail polish recommendations for 2015!

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Professional Fashion
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Prints and Polished Professional – What I Wore

Being young and female in a male dominated industry, it’s difficult to navigate professional fashion in the workplace. I don’t want to look so bland that it comes off as matronly; but not so young that it comes off as inexperienced. My easiest professional fashion solution is to throw in a crazy print with neutrals.

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T-Shirt Dresses | What I Wore

T-Shirt Dresses – What I Wore and Friday Favorites

Everyone should have a few t-shirt dresses that they can throw on, slip on some sandals or flats, and run out the door. A solid t-shirt dress is probably the most common, but adding prints, details, and different styles make the common t-shirt dress a little unconventional while still keeping it comfortable.  Continue Reading