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August 2014


Wearable Fall 2014 Trends – Trend Thursday

Fall is fast approaching! To me there is no season as naturally glamorous as fall. I love the cooler weather, moodier hues, and layers that embody the season. It also helps that my birthday happens on the most “autumn-y” of holidays (this year), Thanksgiving! (But seriously, how can you not like Thanksgiving? Food, Family, Football and of course, Black Friday)

Here is your head to toe guide for all things autumnal.

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Three Things to Think About Before Getting a New Piercing

This post veers off the fashion path slightly (but it’s jewelry related so I think it still fits). I love researching. Anything. They call me “The Google Queen” because of how quickly I can pull up information. So when I went to get my ears pierced for the first (and probably only) time ever I HAD to research it. It’s a hole being put into my body, who wouldn’t research it? After countless Google searches, articles from scholarly journals and professional piercing organizations. Everything those chain piercing stores tell you are LIES. They aren’t medically or professionally backed. So what are some things to avoid? (These mostly apply to ear piercings, but I’m sure some of the aspects apply in general)

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Daytime Outfit, Fashion

Gold and Blush – What I Wore

I love these statement earrings I got in my Jewelmint VIP box. They are substantial and sparkly. They are also (unfortunately) heavy and uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. I wore them when I went to get dinner with some out of town friends. I wanted to reflect the warm summery weather with loose silhouettes and neutral colors, and showcase my baubles… Continue Reading