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April 2014

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Fashion and Beauty Mistakes We Shouldn’t Be Making in 2014

We’ve all done it before. Worn something, taken pictures, only to realize that we look like floral wallpaper threw up on our clothes. It’s too late to change now, you’re in public and everyone has already seen your floral vomit clothing. Or your eyeliner is uneven. Or you’re rocking a camel toe in with your leggings.

Mistakes happen. Here are some I’ve seen that shouldn’t be happening anymore. Most of what’s listed below is makeup (and hair) related because I believe fashion isn’t as clearly defined. That being said:

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Fashion, Trend Thursday

Metallic Mania – Trend Thursday

I’m so excited to shed the multiple layers that come with colder weather and dress in lighter fabrics. Metallics worked into simpler pieces (think sweaters and shorts) and neutrals will be on point for spring. It adds texture and dimension to any outfit, and its easy to mix it in. Don’t just expect to see it in the traditional gold and silver, pastel metallics will be popular as well.

What’s not to love?


Here are a few pieces I’m eyeing….

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